Big Betting Balagan Pilot

Avatar vkozacek | January 23, 2019 973 Views 101 Likes 2.11 On 54 Ratings

973 Views 2.11 On 54 Ratings Rate it

Betting and gaming industry veterans Dan Phillips, Lee Richardson and Vigne Kozacek bring you the first of a regular series of podcasts.

Aside from being a good excuse to chew the fat, they will deliver 30 minutes of interesting, entertaining and informative topical industry discussion and debate, plus breaking news, as well as guests and future Q&A sessions. In this pilot episode the 'lads' discuss what to expect at ICE 2020, now just days away; they cover the do’s and don’ts, and what to look out for during the busiest week of the year! If you enjoy listening, then please subscribe and rate us.

973 Views 2.11 On 54 Ratings Rate it

Written by vkozacek

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