Calling all Innovators


At the Big Betting Balagan, we often get asked where we think innovation and the next big thing in the industry is going to come from. We also hear anecdotally that there is ‘nothing new’… We however don’t believe that is true given all of you smart people out there!

SO… we would like to hear from you in person about what you think the next big thing will be. It could be product / content-specific, tech or back-office perhaps, payments, new market-specific or a localised feature – whatever you think. 

Now that we have your creative juices flowing it would be great if you could send us a short video Vox-pop (2-mins max) of your thoughts on this. We will then collate and broadcast the best of those on a future Podcast and which we serve via YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, Apple, Google and all good podcast places. Once out there we will ask our audience to vote on their favourite and then we will bring the submitters of the top 3 onto the show so we can discuss in detail.

Please send your videos to or you can DM them to us via our LI page: 

Thanks and looking forward to seeing what you think the future of the industry looks like! 

Dan, Lee & Vigne.

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